Power steering gear box for 1973 to 1976 Oldsmobile Omega.
Power steering gear box for 1967 to 1976 Pontiac Sunbird.


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Steering Gears by Phoenix Rack and Axle. Replace your worn out or damaged steering gear to restore the steering performance of your vehicle. The remanufactured steering gear from Phoenix Rack and Axle ?goes far beyond the competition.

100% computerized hydraulic testing measures for proper flow, leakage and performance to ensure perfect fit and function

100% new o-rings and lip seals ensure no leaking and long-lasting performance

All critical components (campacs, spool valves, etc.) are triple-tested to ensure product reliability

Shafts are surfaced to precise specifications to eliminate premature seal wear and extend gear life

Units are supplied with 100% tested and calibrated pressure relief valves for guaranteed performance

The gearbox in your vehicle makes it possible for you to steer the vehicle to the desired direction. Steering can become a matter of concern if your steering gearbox starts to fail. If you’re sure the gearbox is the culprit for poor driving performance, you need a compatible replacement to help you regain steering control. The remanufactured steering gear from Phoenix Rack and Axle is your best choice to restore the responsive steering that your vehicle had when it was new.

Parts Information

Make Model Year
Buick Apollo 1964
Buick Skylark 1973
Buick Century 1967
Buick Special 1976
Buick Gran Sport 1970
Buick Apollo 1965
Buick Skylark 1974
Buick Century 1968
Buick Sportwagon 1964
Buick Gran Sport 1971
Buick Gran Sport 1972
Buick Apollo 1966
Buick Skylark 1975
Buick Century 1969
Buick Sportwagon 1965
Buick Gran Sport 1973
Buick Apollo 1967
Buick Skylark 1976
Buick Century 1970
Buick Sportwagon 1966
Buick Gran Sport 1974
Buick Apollo 1968
Buick Special 1964
Buick Century 1971
Buick Sportwagon 1967
Buick Gran Sport 1975
Buick Apollo 1969
Buick Special 1965
Buick Century 1972
Buick Sportwagon 1968
Buick Gran Sport 1976
Buick Apollo 1970
Buick Special 1966
Buick Century 1973
Buick Sportwagon 1969
Buick Sportwagon 1970
Buick Skylark 1964
Buick Apollo 1971
Buick Special 1967
Buick Century 1974
Buick Sportwagon 1971
Buick Skylark 1965
Buick Apollo 1972
Buick Special 1968
Buick Century 1975
Buick Sportwagon 1972
Buick Skylark 1966
Buick Apollo 1973
Buick Special 1969
Buick Century 1976
Buick Sportwagon 1973
Buick Skylark 1967
Buick Apollo 1974
Buick Special 1970
Buick Gran Sport 1964
Buick Sportwagon 1974
Buick Skylark 1968
Buick Apollo 1975
Buick Special 1971
Buick Gran Sport 1965
Buick Sportwagon 1975
Buick Skylark 1969
Buick Apollo 1976
Buick Special 1972
Buick Gran Sport 1966
Buick Sportwagon 1976
Buick Skylark 1970
Buick Century 1964
Buick Special 1973
Buick Gran Sport 1967
Buick Skylark 1971
Buick Century 1965
Buick Special 1974
Buick Gran Sport 1968
Buick Skylark 1972
Buick Century 1966
Buick Special 1975
Buick Gran Sport 1969